Chiropractic Testimonials

"What an amazing place and awesome team. I have been suffering with back pain since I was around 13 years old. I had tried a number of different physical therapists and was told at a young age if my back didn’t improve then there was a chance, I would have to have a rod down my spine to straighten it. I refused to get this done so I just kept living knowing that my back would hurt at the end of the day.

After being with Corrective Spinal Care of Texas for just 3 months, my back pain was gone and I was feeling like myself again. I no longer avoid certain activities in case they hurt my back.
Now, I keep up with my maintenance adjustments and the odd one here and there if my husband or I sleep funny, I know I will never have to worry about having any operations on my spine. My husband recommended seeing a chiropractor as he has had issue with his back as well. Now it’s a family day out, kids included."

- Chrissie W.

"I have had lower back pain for at least 25 years. Over this time, I have slowly stopped doing things that I enjoy like camping, swimming, hiking, etc. Recently I even struggled playing music which has always been part of my life. Just over a year ago, I started taking better care of my back including regular chiropractic care, diet and exercise. I feel the best I’ve felt in 7 years. I camp, I hike, and I’m back playing music without discomfort. Thank you Corrective Spinal Care of Texas!"

- Tyce W.

"As a professional whitewater raft guide, ice climber, and motorcyclist, I’ve subjected my body to an unusually high level of abuse in the name of fun. Staying in peak physical condition is not just important—it's essential.

Corrective Spinal Care of Texas has been instrumental in keeping me in the game and off the bench. Their knowledgeable staff understands the unique demands of my arduous lifestyle and provides personalized care that targets my specific needs.

Corrective Spinal Care of Texas provides essential treatment and relief, whether it's realigning my spine after rafting, keeping my joints stable for ice climbing, or easing motorcycle-related discomfort. Their holistic approach not only relieves immediate pain but also prioritizes long-term health and prevention, crucial for maintaining my physical agility and endurance.

I highly recommend Corrective Spinal Care of Texas to anyone who leads an active lifestyle or is simply looking for comprehensive chiropractic care. Their dedication to their patients' well-being is evident in every visit, making them an indispensable part of my routine for maintaining optimal performance and enjoying adventures to the fullest."

- Kevin M.

"I have received chiropractic care ever since I can remember. However, as my education (and the need for studying) grew more intense and as I discovered a love for fitness (especially running), I began to have minor pains in my neck and low back. During training for a half marathon, my foot started hurting during the last 2 miles of one of my long runs. I figured I had just overstrained it while running on the gravel road and decided to let it rest a while. The next time I went out for a run, my foot was hurting by 1.5 miles. Around that time, I got checked by Dr. Carrick, and the x-rays and exam that she performed showed the root cause of my problem. After getting treated, I am back up and running to my heart content! There is also a noticeable decrease in my neck and back pain during long bouts of studying or running. I don’t think I fully understood the importance of getting checked by a chiropractor and was pleasantly surprised at just how well Dr. Carrick's treatment worked. If not for CSCTX, I may not have been able to continue running or living the life that I love!

I enjoy a challenge. I push myself and tend to overload myself at times, so I need my body to be functioning at 100%! Keeping my spine moving and healthy allows me to keep pushing and keep living life to the fullest."

- Sarah G.

"For as long as I can remember, I have had some degree of back pain and it’s only gotten worse as I got older. Being a taller man, my body has taken a toll simply by growing. I had never really thought about getting treatment for the pain. I always thought that it would pass someday. However, it did not pass. After my girlfriend came here for treatment and loved it, she urged me to try it out as well. Figuring that there was no harm in trying, I went in for my first appointment. They cooperated so well in customizing a financial plan. I started receiving treatment from that day, and in just a few weeks, the pain I was expecting when I stood, turned around too quickly, or even bent over, was gone. I still haven’t had a single headache since I’ve started care. It is remarkable!

I have always known that my spine was most likely bent a little, but when they showed me the x-ray, it really solidified my choice of receiving treatment here. A curved spine, a pinched nerve here and there as well as some pelvic issues, they could tell all that just from studying the x-ray. After my quick adjustment period, I was able to get back to doing what I like to do. I wouldn’t call myself an athlete anymore, but I still enjoy working out and I do so every day. The biggest change that I have seen while working out is that I no longer get lightheaded when squatting or doing anything involving legs. For years I was skipping leg day because I would get nauseous and have to sit down after a few reps. It was not enjoyable and it made working out more of a chore than a hobby. That isn’t an issue anymore. Growing the glutes has no limits now! I truly urge anyone who has pain in their joints, muscles, spine, or even toes, (It doesn’t matter) to get into their office. I personally am not a fan of taking pills or Rx drugs to fix my body's issues. Chiropractic was truly the better alternative."

- Jeffrey G

"I have been in constant pain since I was sixteen, with lower back, upper back, neck pain, and severe migraines. We changed my glasses and I took pain pills all day, every day. I even saw a primary physician who chalked it up to growing pains, so at that point, I just decided to deal with it and suck it up. Figuring that if nothing I was doing was going to help then it must be normal. This stopped me from lifting weights and being active in nature. I was very upset for years.

I am twenty now, and working at CSC was my first time hearing of Corrective Care, seeing all the benefits has blown me away, and I feel blessed to have been led here. This was the answer to my pain and I had no idea it was out there. My migraines have ceased to exist. Every day my lower back pain gets better, and I hardly ever feel discomfort in my upper back. My quality of life has improved greatly due to Dr. Carrick.

I cannot recommend this office enough, here you will be cared for to the absolute best degree, I may only be twenty, but I have never met a doctor more caring and passionate than Dr. Carrick. Here in this office, you will be treated to an amazing rate of care, I recommend it to everyone I know as well as every person I don't know. Get your spine checked even if you think nothing is wrong. You only get one spine. Take care of it."

- Alexandria S.

"When I started my treatment at corrective Spinal care, I hadn’t been the easiest on my back. In my 20 short years, I’ve fractured my pelvis in 5 places and broken so many bones I can’t count them all. The accident that did me in happened at the end of August 2022. I was involved in a boat accident that caused my tailbone to shift and pinch the sciatic nerve in my lower back. Ever since my pelvic fracture, there’s been a slight problem with the lower portion of my back. The pain was never enough to be very concerned about it and seemed to dissipate quickly. Immediately after the boating accident, it was apparent that I had something major going on. Wanting to avoid major back surgery I decided a chiropractor was the way to help me.

After looking online and in my area, I found corrective spinal care. After reading the reviews I gave them a try. From the first visit, I was confident my back was going to be fixed. Along with confirming the nerve pain I was having it was also discovered that after the pelvic fracture, my back had healed crooked and out of line with my hips. Dr. Zimmer and Dr. Carrick took extensive X-rays to make a treatment plan that was right for me. After 6 months of receiving care 3 times a week my back pain has completely subsided. And I can finally get back to being as active as I want and enjoying time with my girlfriend and family. My line of work is in the diesel trade so it’s very labor-intensive. I’ve been educated on how to do everyday things along with working while being conscious of my back. I was given exercises to do at home so I could regain mobility and stretch the scar tissue from my previous pelvic injury. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. My outlook went from being skeptical of chiropractic care to being a 100 percent believer. And I hope that anyone else suffering from joint or nerve pain gets the same relief and results that I did."

- Nathan R.

"I suffered from radiating pain in my neck and right shoulder for years. I am a fairly active person, so this impacted my ability to regularly go to the gym and play golf for more than a few holes. I had tried taking breaks from my activities, getting massages, and even having an orthopedic specialist look at the affected area.

I was referred to Corrective Spinal Care of Texas by a family friend who said that I should consider having a consultation with Dr. Carrick before exploring a medicinal or surgical path.

I was brought in and asked to discuss my issues. I had x-rays taken of my spine and shoulder. Dr. Carrick sat down with me and recommended that I be put on a personalized plan to address the impingement in my spine that was affecting my shoulder.

My hobbies are going to the gym and playing golf. I can now pursue them, although now I don't have an excuse for being so bad at golf.

I noticed a pretty rapid improvement after three sessions a week for two weeks. Following that, I still saw progressive improvement from regular treatment. I really believe chiropractic is such an amazing approach to many issues people live with on a daily basis. Dr. Carrick took that to the next level with her compassion and knowledge. She explained it to me in a way I could understand."

- Chance C.

"Before I saw Dr. Zimmer, I had constant back pain and was repeatedly throwing my back out. Dr. Zimmer helped me get back on my feet and through continuing care, I have maintained my improved overall health.

I was on my feet all day and am in a very physical trade, so it is very important for both my work and personal life to stay healthy. In my free time, I enjoy tinkering with and riding my motorcycles, which both require a healthy spine! I am also a dad and want to be sure I can keep up with my little one as he grows!"

- Jeff W.

"Dr. Carrick is knowledgeable, attentive, and very professional. After discussing areas of problem, she took her time to ask questions, attempting to get to the underlying root of pain. She thoroughly did a pre-exam and I feel was aware of my personal circumstances; she didn't just put me on a table and start doing adjustments. My back has since felt much better and I experience less pain when waking up. She also provided some excellent at-home advice to help keep it that way. I highly recommend Dr. Carrick!"

- Robert C.

"My back has been in pain for years. After a car hit me 20 years ago, I have had problems with stiffness and have lost the mobility that I once had. Being a large guy 6'3", most other chiropractors have taken a look at me and used me as their own personal wrestling partner (causing so much pain that I swore off visiting the chiropractor for years). Recently I started visiting Corrective Spinal Care of Texas. When I went in, they performed a full exam with x-rays, talked through my physical issues, and also discussed the fears I had of being "roughed up" to the point where I would not be able to come back again. In just the last month I have been visiting pretty frequently, and now have more mobility in my neck, back, ankle, and feet. The stiffness that I had just accepted as part of my life is going away, and I'm starting to notice that I have the ability to move in ways that I thought would never occur again. The doctors are very gentle and constantly ask how much I think I can handle based on any soreness I felt after the previous visits (most times none at all). They talk me through the treatments, telling me exactly what is going to happen next (no surprise adjustments), and I feel like we are working together to manage my personal health plan. Overall, I was about to write off chiropractic care completely, but CPC and Corrective Spinal Care of Texas have brought me back around again!"

- Joe D.

"I first saw a Chiropractor when I was 17 and rear-ended in a car accident. Chiropractic care got me back to being a healthy teenager and back to playing the sports I loved. As an adult, I have continued chiropractic care with Dr. Zimmer to keep me feeling my best! When I am not at my desk working, I love being active outdoors and enjoying the sun. I also love to run and workout so keeping healthy is a must!

I also have a little boy and saw Dr. Zimmer throughout my pregnancy to keep me as comfortable as possible. Naturally, my little boy also started seeing Dr. Zimmer when he was a few weeks old - after being in tight quarters for 9 months it was understandable, he needed to be adjusted too! Chiro care is now a family affair for us!"

- Cali W.

"I am a 75-year-old retired woman who helped run my husband’s medical office for 40 years. My orthopedic problems began when I tore the meniscus in my left knee in the late 1960s. The treatment back then was the removal of the entire meniscus, leaving my knee with a “bone on bone” condition. This was not too bad for many years, but eventually, I developed a limp. In the early 1990’s I had back surgery for a ruptured disk. The two injuries seemed to feed on one another. I had my knee replaced in 2006, which helped considerably but didn’t totally fix everything. I was still able to participate in my favorite sport, scuba diving. Gradually things got worse until I developed intermittent sciatica. In early 2022 I found that I was having trouble doing normal things like walking the dog and going up and down stairs. Sleeping was also an issue, as it was hard to find a comfortable position in the bed.

I had a lot of experience with orthopedic doctors by this time, and I felt that medications such as muscle relaxants, steroids, and pain pills would not treat the underlying condition; besides, they would raise my blood pressure. My husband and I had moved to The Woodlands, and I watched the Corrective Spinal Care clinic being built in the shopping center where I walked my dog. One morning, Tracey was outside the clinic when Watson and I walked by, and she and I had a nice talk about the dog. I asked my husband if he thought chiropractic might help, and he said it might. So, I made my initial appointment.

Dr. Zimmer did my evaluation. I had x-rays done, and she did a detailed medical history and exam. She explained what the x-rays showed (curving of the spine) and how this was affecting my walking. We discussed the treatment plan. I agreed that it sounded logical, and I was ready to try anything!

The first treatments were somewhat painful as she adjusted my lower back, but things have gotten much better in the ensuing weeks. After 2 treatments I was able to walk Watson at a fairly normal rate of speed, and after the first 2 weeks, there was very little discomfort when walking. I could pick things up from the floor and turn them over in bed with a minimum of pain. Things have continued to improve as I have had more treatments. It is truly a miracle!!

I retired from scuba diving a few years ago due to other health problems, so my main sport now is walking. Watson and I are committed to a program of walking, here at the Conservatory. We have walked the equivalent of Spring to Fort Worth in 4 months, and hope to make it to Fort Collins, CO, sometime in 2024. We wouldn’t be doing this if I hadn’t been fixed by the wonderful people at CSC!!"

- Carol R.


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